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Wednesday, April 14

Reviewing My 2010 Goals: Net Worth Goal

Good news: Barely four months into 2010 I have already reached my goal of increasing my net worth by $25,000. But instead of celebrating, I'm left asking myself how I underestimated my potential so much. Part of it is because of stock market performance, but that's just a small piece.
  • My Roth IRA is up 20.23% YTD and my Rollover IRA is up 8.89%. Both accounts are beating the S&P 500.
  • I've included a $3,000 decrease in the value of my car. I estimate my 2009 Pontiac G5 is currently worth $10,000.
  • Much of the increase comes from income from my rental properties. By keeping my expenses ridiculously low, I've been able to use most of the income to repay debt, which really impacts my net worth in a positive way.

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