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Wednesday, September 8

Reviewing My August Goals

I made very little progress in August.

August Goals:
  • I earned $1,876 from mystery shopping (my goal was $2,000)
  • My credit card/car loan balance increased, to $42,798 (my goal was $37,000)
  • I funded the rest of my 2010 IRA contribution
I only achieved one of the three goals I set for August. I was expecting more work at the end of the month, but mystery shopping opportunities were unusually lacking and I failed to make up the gap. I finished at 94% of my goal. There are two reasons I did not meet my debt goal and both are timing related. First, I paid for new carpet for the house I am selling but the credit card bill, which I will pay in full, is not yet due. Second, my partner has been using one of my credit cards. While he is responsible for paying it (and I don't include those expenses in my expense tracking), there is a large balance that hasn't been paid yet.

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