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Tuesday, September 21

Happy Birthday to My Frugal Miser (Year in Review)

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of My Frugal Miser. Happy Birthday to me! It all started here: Let's Get Started. I started the blog after losing my corporate sales job of nearly 7 years. Originally as it's name implies, My Frugal Miser was intended as a blog about extreme frugal living. I certainly would like to think I've shared my thought and ideas about how to live a good life on less. Some of my more popular frugal living posts include:

  • Warren Buffett is a Frugal Miser ... how one of the world's wealthiest individuals still lives frugal today. For example, he still lives in the house he purchased in 1958 for $31,500.
  • About the Spartan Student... this is an inspiring blog a found about a Duke University grad student who is living out of a van parked on campus in order to avoid debt.
  • Eating Like a Frugal Miser... this year I am to spend $150 per month on food. I think that's extremely generous. In this post I explain how I manage to eat in nice restaurants on a budget, and (mostly) avoid ramen noodles when I eat at home.
  • Take a Sailor Shower... one of my personal favorite tips involves reducing water and natural gas costs. It just makes sense to bathe this way since you get a nice lather from the soap when the water isn't on.
My Frugal Miser has evolved into a mystery shopping blog, with a heavy helping of frugal living thrown in for good measure. In fact, the most visited page on this site is Can Mystery Shopping Be a Full-Time Job?

Tomorrow I will look back at the progress I have made over the last year. I thought going into this that publishing my goals might help me with accountability. But did it? Stay tuned...


  1. Happy bloggy birthday big guy, keep up the great work!

  2. Hey, Marilyn- thanks! I'm certainly going to try.

  3. Happy Bloggaversary!
    May the next year bring you even closer to your frugal miserly goals... ;-)