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Monday, September 27

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

September 19th - September 25th...

Last week was mediocre, and would have been even worse had I not picked up a few merchandising jobs that others had canceled. For some reason mystery shopping has been slower.

One of the larger projects I do is being moved to a different company, and from what I can tell the requirements will make this a much less desirable job. I do notice a trend where companies that use mystery shopping programs look to cut costs as their top priority - above and beyond ensuring quality work. What I mean is, the laws of supply and demand ensure that lower paying work will be done by lower quality workers. Lower pay inevitably needs to lower quality. It's hard to figure out why these highly paid C-level employees don't understand that.

Last week I earned $398 in fees and $101 in reimbursements. I shopped 6 gas stations, 9 restaurants, a storage facility, check cashing company, and 3 electronics retailers. I also merchandised four retailers and completed two business verifications.

This week looks dreadful. I have a couple of merchandising jobs and audits lined up. At the end of the week (first of the month of October) I have a few low-paying jobs selected.

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