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Monday, September 13

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

September 5th - September 11th...

For the second week in a row I'm disappointed. Fortunately, this week will be better.

Last week I earned $185 in fees and $83 in reimbursements. If there's anything positive about this, it's that I only worked 4 days. I picked up an August holdover that was highly bonused - the first shopper was identified so this was a re-shop. The other shops were at the regular rate. I did a few easy merchandising jobs (taking inventory), 10 restaurants and just a few retail stores.

This week is going to be much better. By the end of the day today I will have already earned more than I did all of last week. I have my big merchandising route (20 stores) and several gas stations. One company that used to be my #1 earner has started raising commissions again after a dry spell so I hope to pick up even more stores.

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