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Tuesday, May 10

Go Anywhere, Give Up Everything

Whether or not I move to Tampa, I want to dispose of some belongings. Over the last few years I've noticed how material things have largely become a distraction for me. I prefer to spend my money on experiences rather than stuff. It's so rewarding to know exactly where everything I own is located, to not have to clean around useless knick knacks, and to be able to leave my windows open at home and not worry about the boogeyman stealing my valuables.

It's time to get serious. Between me and my partner we own two cars, two flat screen TVs, two Cartier Love bracelets, and a lot of little stuff. Until now we've needed both cars, but I wonder if we could get by with just one. My goal is to sell some things to more aggressively pay off my debts. The little stuff can be donated to charity. Ultimately, I should be able to go anywhere I want and not worry about material things.

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