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Wednesday, May 18

Restaurant Closes Friday

We've settled on a date, sort of. Originally we decided the 17th of May would be our last day, but business has been so slow that we have a lot of food left to sell. But now it's official - we will close on Friday, regardless of how much is left. The good news is that we've depleted most of our inventory. The bad news is we have some unsettled bills I might have to pay.

It's possible I will leave Friday afternoon for Tampa to look at houses. It really depends on how much is left to do at the restaurant. I would love to travel down there so quickly, but I realize I might need to stick around for a few days to settle our accounts and dispose of assets.

I hate that we have to do this, but now I'm just ready to be through with it and move on.


  1. sorry I was really rooting for you! Good luck anyway, let me know what what you find, I'm eventually moving to Fort lauderdale, but that's in the distant future. You're good in the housing field!

  2. Thanks, Marilyn. The restaurant has been a good experience even though it has failed. I've learned a lot and strengthened the friendship I've had with my business partner. We've been friends more than 20 years but this is the closest we've ever been.