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Sunday, May 29

Slowing Down... Day Two

Yesterday was an awesome experience with frugal fun. We ran several errands before eating Thai for lunch. I used a coupon to get one meal free; with tax and tip I spent $10.00 for two of us. Then we headed to the Botanical Gardens. My city is blessed with a large, diverse garden that is absolutely free of charge. Even though our gardens are more than twice the size of the one in Atlanta, there is no admission to get in, ever.

Afterwards we headed to the second run $1 theatre. I'd been wanting to see Scream 4 even before it was released, so this was a real treat. I confess to having memorized most of the dialogue from the original Scream when it was released.

In all we spent $12 out of pocket plus about $8 worth of gas. Not bad for a Saturday out. I could get used to this.

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