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Thursday, May 19

I've Cut My Debt In Half This Year

Wow... I was looking at the progress I've made paying down my credit cards and car loan. Even with not taking a salary for most of the year I have managed to cut this debt by more than half, from $44,979.53 to $21,067.76.

This just shows that living a (mostly) frugal life can yield results fast. In fact, working at the restaurant without pay has helped because I've been there instead of being out and about tempted to spend money. My food bills have been next to nothing, and other categories such as entertainment and household spending have been greatly reduced.

I expect to pay my Pontiac G5 off in June, even if I have to borrow from my HELOC to do it. I want to pay it off as quickly as I can so I can drop my full coverage insurance. I'm not sure how much I will save but right now I spend more than $100 per month on car insurance so hopefully I can save $25 a month or so by dropping it down to liability coverage only.

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