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Saturday, May 28

Slowing Down... Day One

Yesterday was the first day of my new life - it was the first day where I did nothing at all related to the restaurant. And... it was marvelous.

I didn't exactly sit beneath a tree in a park and read Shakespeare, but the pace was slower than I'm used to nonetheless. I started out the day by visiting one of my rental properties. The tenant had two issues: a bad element in the oven and a defective shower diverter. Had I still worked at the restaurant I would have called a plumber and an appliance repair person, and I probably would have shelled out $200 in labor. Instead, I Googled the nature of the problems, watched a few online videos and read through tutorials on how to fix the problems.

Including running around town looking for the baking element, I spent about three hours on these projects. In the end I fixed them both for nothing more than the cost of the replacement parts.

I also did three mystery shops: one at a home store since I had to go there anyway, another at a clothing store in the same shopping center, and a third at a bookstore. I haven't been inside a bookstore in months, so it was a real treat to get paid to go inside and see what was new.

Day One was a blast. I'm not sure yet what we will do today. It's nice not having a schedule to go by.

Happy Weekend!

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