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Friday, December 13

26 Miles, Evictions and Tire Rotations

I've been riding my bike a good bit over the last several days, and yesterday was the longest I have gone.  I broke it up into two trips, but in all, I rode the length of a marathon.  Maybe one day I'll be able to run that length rather than just ride my bike.

My mystery shopping this week has been limited mostly to casual restaurants, what I refer to as "lifestyle shopping" since it is more for the experience than the income.  I've done a few other jobs, including two dealer service shops that paid $97 each.  Fortunately, next week I may set a record.  I am shopping 31 dealer service shops between Monday, 12/16 and Monday, 12/23.  I will leave around 2 AM Monday morning to avoid an extra night in a hotel and my first stop is in Panama City, FL.  I have two shops in Florida; the other 29 are spread across Alabama and Georgia.

How does a frugal miser keep his travel expenses low?  I will spend one night in my vacant townhouse - again, to avoid hotel expenses.  I don't have the gas turned on, so there won't be any heat or hot water.  I brought some cleansing towels I got free at Walgreens to take a bird bath and will bring extra sheets to stay warm.  Since it is a townhouse I am hoping the radiant heat from the two adjacent units will help stabilize the temperature.  I also prepaid two nights for next weekend, saving an extra 10% off the lowest rate (would you believe I am spending $58/night for a Hampton Inn!).  The other nights I am staying in crappy motels.

I eagerly accepted this route because there were two side errands I wanted to do in Alabama.  If my tenant at Townhouse #3 doesn't come up with at least $1,000, I am filing an eviction at the courthouse.  Second, the S-10's registration is way overdue as it is still in my grandfather's name.  I am hopefully going to get the title in my name as one of the shops is in the town where the estate is being probated.

I've been in good spirits lately.  2013 has been a stressful year and I've been dealing with an anxiety whose source is most likely rooted in financial worries.  That should all be resolved soon.

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