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Sunday, December 15

The Eviction that Wasn't

Last week I sent my tenant a text.  I told him I would file the unlawful detainer unless he deposited at least $1,000 cash in my bank account.  That's cash, not a check, because he's written me a bad check before.  Well, surprise, surprise... he called Friday night to let me know he made the deposit.

Few things surprise me anymore.  I shouldn't have to threaten my tenants with lawsuits in order to get them to pay their rent.  But, I really am happy that I don't have to deal with this next week.  Filing the eviction with the court is expensive, plus I am on a tight schedule with all these mystery shops I have scheduled.  Not having to go to the courthouse frees up a lot of time.  Not to mention, I didn't want to deal with another vacant property and the costs associated with getting it ready to rent.  This townhouse is part of the same complex where I still have two empty units, so the vacancy issue would have been an expensive one.

I am leaving tomorrow morning by 3 AM.  It is about 6 hours to Panama City and I want to arrive at the dealership around 8 AM (thankfully I gain an hour with the time zone change).  This is going to be a ridiculously profitable week for me.  True, the hours will be long, and the weather is so much colder where I'm headed, but in just over a week I'll be back home and be almost $3,000 richer.


  1. I'm glad your tenant came up with the money. It is too bad you have to threaten him with eviction to get your money. That and your mystery shopping route will make for a good week.

    1. The sad part is that even $1,000 didn't get him all the way caught up. Hopefully he gets back on track. I hate finding new tenants.

  2. So, forgive me if you've already answered this, you decide on a destination and then see how many mystery shops you can complete going to and from?

    1. Sometimes. If I am working directly with a scheduler on a large route, I go where the scheduler needs me to go. If I am trying to cobble together something on my own, I will usually decide my destination first and then find shops along that route.