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Monday, December 2

My Frugal Miser's 2014 Goals

Once again it's time to lay out the annual roadmap.  Publishing my goals this way keeps me accountable:  it's a constant reminder of what is important to me.

  • Lose 12 pounds

I've never met my weight loss goals, so this year I'm keeping it simple:  I want to lose at least one pound each month.
  • Increase my net worth $75,000
I can manipulate my net worth by either increasing income or decreasing expenses.  
  • Spend less than $20,000
Non-business spending for 2014 will be less than $20,000, or about $1,667 on a monthly basis.
  • Take one international trip
People tell me I need more balance in my life.  For several months I have thought about visiting Ecuador.  I want to see if I could live there, and a two week trip would help me decide.

That's it.  I have four primary goals, and I'm going to reach or surpass each of them next year.

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