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Tuesday, December 31

Mystery Shopping: 2013 Year in Review

2013 was my best year yet for mystery shopping.  I thought it would be harder to earn a living with all the competition I have in Florida; I dealt with that by taking on more and more out of state routes.

2013 Mystery Shopping Income:  $32,453
2013 Meaningful Reimbursements:  $6,952
Total Miles Driven in 2013:  38,429

In addition to the reimbursements I can report, I received value that I never had to be reimbursed for.  Many of the hotel charges, including all my timeshare vacations, never show up on my credit card (or are quickly reversed).  The most mundane work I did was either the Dollar General DVD route in Alabama, which I have given up, or the 10 days I spent parked in front of Sam Ash counting customers.  Easily the most exciting would be the timeshares and resort hotels.  I like these "lifestyle shops" even if the pay is low.

Next year I am concentrating on routes and experiences.  I will do fewer "one-off" shops around town because they don't move the needle enough to be worth their time.  The goal here is to value my time more appropriately and increase my overall hourly income or, since I love to travel, partake in shops that offset vacation expenses.


  1. What companies shops timeshares?

  2. How many hours a week do you spend doing shops (typically)? I have never seen anyone make that much money doing mystery shopping and I am wondering if you did it about 40 hrs per week, or even had some weeks where you didn't do any at all?

    1. January has been a good example. I've had around 10 days where I did nothing (or maybe one shop in a day), but then marathon days where I work long hours. Yesterday I was on the road 13 hours and writing reports for another 3 hours, but I did 23 shops. Today I am doing 22 shops. I prefer working as few days as I can but getting a lot done when I do go out.

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