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Tuesday, March 2

A Day in the Life of a Frugal Miser

Yesterday serves as a great example of my typical day so I thought I would detail how I try to have a good time while spending as little as possible.

I started the day by searching for mystery shops. I already was assigned to one gas station and one bank, and I found 4 more gas stations in the area. Total earned: $71.12 in fees and $13 in reimbursements.

Heading out, I needed to return three books to the library. I also checked out two books about home repair. I am trying to learn to do as much repair as I can myself so I don't have to hire people to repair my rental properties. My first focus will be on plumbing since one of the properties has a small leak and I am looking at replacing all the PVC pipe under the sink there.

For lunch, I stopped at Jersey Mike's Subs. I had a card for a free sub that I was given at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon (the last one I attended for my old job). Since I already had bought drinks from the gas station mystery shops, I redeemed the card for my free sandwich and did not order anything.

Once I had finished my shops, I stopped by the Redbox on the way home. If you haven't done it already, you should go to their website and sign up for their text message. I get a text on the first Monday of each month good for a free movie. I rented The Hurt Locker. I really enjoyed the movie.

I spent yesterday afternoon/evening planning a mystery shopping trip. Today and tomorrow I am traveling out of state to shop several gas stations. Right now I am signed up for 17 shops that will earn me $368.38 in fees. This is atypical: since it is the first of the month I was able to pick up some bonuses on shops that weren't done in February. I have an offer for a free night at the casino so my hotel is free tonight.


  1. Hey, its just me, do you think you could once again give a detailed post on how to sign up with these companies, and expected income? You do a really great job on telling the amount of time it takes, but how about a how to get started? Your so good at this? I'd be glad to feature it on my blog.

  2. Oh and welcome to my blogroll!