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Monday, March 1

A Month in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

I exceeded my February goal of earning $500 in mystery shopping income by a HUGE margin. In fact, I earned $1,40.71 in fees and $567.06 in reimbursements last month. This is on top of income from my full-time job (which ended Friday), so I'm really happy with this.

I did quite a few gas station audits, which I constantly question whether they are worth the trouble. The editors always ask questions and since this is a photo audit, if I don't have a photo to answer their question, I may have to return to take more photos. I've only had to return to the station once, but it was 60 miles from home. Fortunately I found some other shops along the route so that the entire trip wasn't for the one photo.

I also did a couple of late night shops that had hefty bonuses attached. One night I left my house at 11:45 PM and returned home just before 3 AM. But for three hours work I earned $80. I also did more merchandising than I have in the past. One day I drove 246 miles to work 10 stores.

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