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Wednesday, March 10

Some of the More Interesting Mystery Shops I have Done

I'm an equal-opportunity mystery shopper: if the money is right, I'll do anything. Yes, I'm a mystery shopping whore. I was thinking last night about some of the more interesting things I have done in the name of shopping:

  • A friend and I had to spend two hours drinking at a bar. The purpose was to observe a bartender who was suspected of theft. So that she would let her guard down, my assignment was to drink, drink, drink, but to make frequent trips to the restroom to take notes since I probably wouldn't remember the details the next day when I was entering my report. In case you were curious, I found compelling evidence the bartender put several cash payments in her tip jar instead of the register.
  • I applied for a home loan using a false SSN that was tied to a person with a certain credit scenario. I was coached extensively on my "story" to the extent I felt like an actor in a movie who had "learned my lines." That shop, which was actually a series of visits and phone calls, paid over $200. The premise here was to see if I was discriminated against because of whatever was on the credit report and from what I was told to say in my story.
  • I posed as a truck driver getting a physical exam as part of his CDL licensing requirements.
  • I became a hearing-impaired traveler to spend the night at a hotel.
  • I've eaten breakfast at 3 o'clock in the morning a few times.
  • I enjoyed a $300 dinner with my mom for free.
  • Several times I had to order a pizza by phone, and then at the end tell the order taker: "By the way, please cancel this order. You have just been mystery shopped. Goodbye."
Most of my shopping is fairly mundane, and I like it that way. Repetition = efficiency. If I can do 15 gas stations (same brand) in one day, I don't have to worry about different scenarios or with constantly switching gears. But, I'm more than happy to embark on a role-playing adventure if I am adequately compensated.


  1. Wow you sound busy! I have only had to order a pizza and cut it a certain way and take pictures and send in a report.

  2. I've done the mutilated pizza shops myself. Fortunately with that company they are pretty aggressive with raising their fee as the month progresses. I've made $20+ on those pizza shops, plus the free pizza, and I don't mind if it's cut a few extra times!

  3. Catching up´s been a while. looks like you´re having fun and, at the same time, earning money.
    I woudn´t mind role playing and eating for free as well.
    Mystery shopping whore, lol. It all depends on the perspective and how far you´re willing to go.
    Regards, Mizé.