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Wednesday, March 3

My February Income: $9,740

February was a decent month. After three months, I am unemployed again. Truthfully, I hated the new job, so I am glad I'm no longer there. Needless to say, my income will be lower moving forward.

February Income
$2,000 Full-Time Day Job
$1,046 Mystery Shopping*
$1,993 Change in Value of Retirement Accounts (Roth IRA and Rollover IRA)
$4,701 Rental Income*
$9,740 Total Income for February
*note that the mystery shopping income will always vary from the monthly summary amounts I post. Here I report actual payments received (cash basis accounting) whereas my monthly mystery shopping update I report the amount I earned for that month.

My retirement accounts had a nice bounce in February, increasing by just under 5%. Currently all 7 of my rental properties are occupied. I don't expect to have to deal with any vacancies at least until April. Since I won't have the benefit of employment, I need to increase my mystery shopping/merchandising income.

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