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Wednesday, June 23

My Frugal Miser - Electric Usage for June

Since I set my electric use goal just a few days ago, I already knew that I wouldn't reduce my June electric usage by 20%. My meter was read June 21st. Here are the stats:

  • June 2009: 288 kWh
  • June 2010: 396 kWh
  • Increase of 108 kWh
  • Last June I averaged 9 kWh per day
  • This June I averaged 12 kWh per day
  • Last month I averaged 6.5 kWh per day
So what happened?
  • Temperatures were about 6 degrees higher than average last month
  • Although I'm out mystery shopping a lot, I still am home more than I was this time last year when I had a job. My job required extensive travel, so there were several days last year when I wasn't home at all.
Looking ahead, last July I used 431 kWh, which is 14 kWh per day. I might just be able to reduce this by 20%... time to go check on some clothes on the drying rack outside. Not using my clothes dryer is one way I will reach my goal.


  1. I grew up in the desert so summer air conditioning bills could be really high. One thing many people would miss for savings was just maintaining their air conditioner. A dirty condenser can kill your electric bill. All it takes to clean is running a garden hose over the outside unit. Good Luck on the energy savings.

  2. Thanks for the advice, Jenny. I bet a lot of folks neglect to do this... in fact, there are a lot of neglected chores that often stare right at us. They are so obvious that they just blend in with their surroundings and we forget about them.