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Friday, June 11

My Frugal Miser - Funding my Retirement (Investment Performance Update)

I am a value investor. My investing philosophy is simple:
  • Minimize trading costs and taxes by sticking to a "buy and hold" program.
  • Buy when everyone else is scared to buy.
  • Focus on smaller companies that are growing at a reasonable rate.
  • Preference goes to dividend paying stocks.
So far in 2010, I have sold two stocks. Both times I felt they had risen too far too fast: I held one for 15 months and returned about 150%; the other I held for 2 months and returned more than 50%. I have already repurchased shares of one of the two stocks and am eyeing the second one for repurchase.

How am I doing?

S&P 500: down 2.3%
Roth IRA: up 13.05%
Rollover IRA: up 6.2%

S&P 500: up 23.45%
Brokerage Account: up 64.29%
Roth IRA: up 12.04%
Rollover IRA: up .13%

I opened the Rollover IRA toward the end of 2009 which is why it was up just .13%. I cashed out my Brokerage Account in October 2009 to purchase a rental property. The account is still open but I have not been able to fund it yet.

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