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Tuesday, June 29

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

June 20th - June 26th...

This was one of my slowest weeks in a while. I had a hard time finding shops. Hopefully this is a one-time blip. The good news is that all the free time I had last week was put to good use as I was able to check off many items on my project list. Last week I made $252 in fees and $803 in reimbursements.

  • I visited eight restaurants. One was a casual steakhouse while the others were fast food. It's interesting that usually the nicer restaurants are reimbursement only- no fees are paid.
  • I shopped 4 retail stores, did one gas station audit, and verified the legitimacy of a business.
  • My favorite shop was the high end hotel, which I blogged about yesterday.
This week looks like it will be slow as well, but July is looking much better. I have signed up for 50 gas station mystery shops (the maximum I can select at once) and about 25 mailing centers. I also have a special project on my merchandising route. These jobs will be the foundation for what might be a solid month.

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