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Tuesday, June 15

Tweaking my Phone Plan ($15/mo. savings)

My partner and I have a Family Plan with AT&T. Lately, AT&T has been quietly lowering prices on both phone and data plans. But, you have to ask for the lower price or you won't get it.

  • The biggest change is that now with the iPhone you can opt for less than the $30/month unlimited data plan. I switched to $25/month for 2 GB but am hopeful I can switch to the $15/month plan, which includes 200 MB of data. I think that would be enough if I start using the wireless feature instead of always using the 3G network by default. Savings now: $5/month; additional potential savings of $10/month.
  • I also removed the unlimited text messaging feature, which was $30 per month. I switched to 200 messages per month for $5 for me and 1500 messages per month for $15 for my partner. He texts a lot more than he talks. Savings: $10/month.
I expect to see no difference in my service but am saving $15 per month on my phone bill. Still, the phone bill is the highest bill I have each month, so I have some work to do. My bet is that all this competition will keep driving rates lower and lower. I am a heavy user of the iPhone since I work out of my car so much, and lower rates would be a blessing.

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