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Wednesday, November 24

Cutting the Electric Bill - 6 Month Goal Results

It's hard to believe it's been almost six months since I set a goal to reduce my electricity usage by 20%. Technically, it's been a little less than 6 months but my goal was over 6 billing cycles, which is over now.

It was a HOT summer, and I didn't do well at all for the first four months. It wasn't from lack of trying: I set the thermostat to 81 degrees when I was home, and it was completely turned off during the daytime. I also made an effort to zap vampire energy by unplugging things like my TV when they weren't being used.

Here's how I did:

June 2009: 288 kWh
June 2010: 396
Difference: +108

July 2009: 431
July 2010: 428
Difference: -3

August 2009: 314
August 2010: 582
Difference: +268 (ouch!)

September 2009: 290
September 2010: 448
Difference: +158

October 2009: 264
October 2010: 203
Difference: -61

November 2009: 189
November 2010: 187
Difference: -2

6 months of 2009: 1,776 kWh used
6 months of 2010: 2,244 kWh used
Difference: +468 kWh ( over 26% increase)

My goal was to reduce usage by 20%. Instead it increased by 26%. That's horrible. What happened? Two things: According to Science Daily, 2010 was the fourth hottest summer on record. Second, in 2009 I worked full-time either in an office or on the road. In 2010, I was at home much more. When I wasn't out myestery shopping I was at home writing reports and looking for work.

I'm going to continue my goal of reducing usage by 20% each month. Even though these last 6 months were discouraging, I know it helps keep me focused if I have a goal in mind.

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  1. I know I'm usually in a daze, but I like the new blog design. I'm waiting for that business proposal! I may be "nifty" in age, but I like adventure too! Give us a few clues!