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Friday, November 5

My Frugal Miser - October Income: $7,942

October was a solid month. I found a young couple who signed a lease purchase option on the house I was selling. They are moving December 1 but in October they made the first of 3 small non-refundable deposits. I like lease purchase options because the tenants take better care of the property and, hopefully, will make an offer to buy the house in the next couple of years. I also received the forfeited earnest money check from the original buyer who could not line up financing.

October Income
$1,039 Mystery Shopping*
$5,597 Rental Income
$1,307 Other Sources
$7,942 Total Income for October
*note that mystery shopping income will always vary from the monthly summary amounts I post. Here I report actual payments received (cash basis accounting) whereas in my monthly mystery shopping update I report the amount I earned for that month.


  • I offset Shopping income with Shopping expenses. In October, I did quite a few shops that will be paid in November. Thus, this amount is artificially low.
  • One of my tenants paid their November rent early.
  • The category "Other Sources" includes non-recurring (or semi-recurring) income since I always seem to have a little something that doesn't fall into the other buckets.

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