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Tuesday, November 23

Cutting the Electric Bill - November Bill

Back in June I set a goal to reduce my electricity usage 20% over the next 6 months.

In November 2009 I used 189 kWh of electricity over 28 days, which is 6.75 kWh per day. In November of this year, I used 187 kWh over 30 days, which is 6.23 kWh per day. I reduced consumption by just 2 kWh, but my bill covered two extra days this year.

This is the second month since June where I reduced electricity usage. I can attribute this solidly to the fact that I had a goal in mind. I haven't used my heat yet, even though there have been a few cold nights already. If I did not have a goal to achieve, I would have used the heat earlier this month. The low for the past several nights has been in the lower 40s, but no heat for me. Instead, I have an electric blanket, an afghan, and have been wearing extra layers of clothes.

My total bill for November was $34.55.

This marks the end of my six month mini-goal. Tomorrow I will go over the results and set a new one.

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