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Monday, November 15

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

November 7th - November 13th...

Another decent week. Last week I earned $510 in fees and $223 in reimbursements. Nearly all of that came from 5 days (Monday - Friday). It was a plain Jane week so no need to go into much detail. I shopped mostly gas stations but also a few restaurants and a handful of other retailers.

On Saturday I checked into my first Freeman Group hotel. Freeman Group is notorious for late, late payments (like taking 6+ months to pay their shoppers in some cases). Because of this I've always avoided them. Recently, their new CEO sent out an email promising they would no longer tolerate such inexcusable practices. Late paying (small) companies are generally the result of one of two things: 1) a free spending executive or 2) an addicted one. Let's hope that someone either was removed from the checking account or went through a successful rehab program.

I'll be sure to note whether I am paid promptly by Freeman. It looks like they shop a major working-class hotel group. Will be nice to add them to my repertoire if everything works out.

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