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Monday, November 29

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

November 21st - November 27th...

For the second week in a row I made very little from mystery shopping. I'm sure the holiday is to blame. Last week I earned $204 in fees and $46 in reimbursements.

I only shopped on 3 days and shopped just 8 stores: 7 gas stations and 1 payday loan store. Six of the shops were bonused: I shopped 1 gas station for $30, 2 for $26, 1 for $24 and 2 for $23. It worked out well that I had a slow week because I spent most of my free time getting the townhouse ready to rent.

This week I have another property becoming vacant. This is the first time I can remember having two vacancies at once. It would have been three but fortunately I have new tenants moving in to the house I had been trying to sell. This is also my most expensive property so getting it rented is a big relief. Even better: the tenants signed a lease purchase option and the term is 29 months. The tenants can purchase the house at any time in the next 29 months (which is what I really want) but even if they don't buy the house, they are locked into a long term lease, meaning I don't have to shop the property out again for at least that long.

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