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Monday, November 1

Clutter Roundup: Final Update

At the end of last month I set a goal to declutter my home. Specifically, I wanted to remove 30 of my possessions in October. Earlier in the month I reported that I had sold 10 items. I wanted to post my final progress report:

Yesterday I gathered up 20 things. Some of the 20 things are pictured to the left: a Josh Groban DVD (sold on - I sold one other DVD a few days ago), souvenir Coke bottles, coffee cups, an old iron, phone books, 2 pair of old shoes and a couple of heavy shirts. I also am selling a small desk that I've hated since the day I bought it. I learned a lesson about buying cheap furniture: what good is it if it's too uncomfortable to use?

It's a good thing my goal required me to do this by the end of the month or it wouldn't have happened! But, I'm really glad it did. I earned a total of $162.78 from the items I sold, and my spare bedroom has never looked more...spare.


  1. Hello,
    Came for a visit and a bit of catch up.
    Looking to your picture makes me wonder how many items I could discard...
    I feel a bit guilty because it would be a 3 digit number... a few boxes for sure :)
    But you know what? I´m slowly getting there.
    Always nice to be back here, always find something that inspires me to keep me going.

  2. Mize - I'm glad you came back for a visit. I look at clutter as something that slows me down. I don't like to be slowed down so I have to do everything I can to streamline, starting with getting rid of things I don't need.