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Monday, January 24

First Week at the Restaurant

Well, it's getting better. Sales are still way, way lower than I anticipated. We thought Sunday would be busy, and indeed we had an hour (right after church got out) when it was really busy. Unfortunately, the rest of the day was slow. The entire week was slow, but we don't even have our sign up yet, so I'm optimistic that the problem is that folks don't know we are open. Word of mouth should also help, as will repeat traffic.

I think each week should be better. Sales will grow (they can't get much worse!) and we will figure out our labor and food costs. I've cut labor expenses by about 25% this week over last week - we will have to cut more, but I want to do it in an orderly way. We are also figuring out how much to cook.

My business partner and I will not be receiving a salary again until we stop the bleeding. This really hurts, particularly since he is also a tenant in one of my properties and won't be able to pay rent. Still, conserving cash is the right thing to do right now.

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  1. OK, its been a week, how are you doing? Hows the restaurant biz going?