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Friday, January 14

Restaurant Opens Monday

I know I've been quiet lately. That's because I've been at the restaurant so much. This week we received approval from both the health inspector and the city inspector. I now have all the licenses required to open. We have three main suppliers (Coca Cola, Sysco and Red Diamond) and have received our first deliveries now. It's pretty cool to see our shelves full of product ready to sale. Our plan all along was to open on January 17th, but we had no idea whether we'd make it or not. I guess it is good to have a goal.

We are nearly out of money - everything has cost more than we expected, especially cleaning supplies. We've spent thousands just on getting the restaurant cleaned up.

I'll be sure to post an update after our first day. My goal is to have weekly sales of $9,000. We can break even at half that, but it would be really tough and my salary would be minimal. I think we could do twice that, maybe even close to $20,000, if we work really hard for the next couple of years. I have no problem working 80+ hours a week when I'm working for myself.

Stay tuned!

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