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Monday, January 17

Today's the Big Day

At the same time this post goes live (I'm writing this the night before), I am opening the doors to my new restaurant for the very first time. Sure, I'm a bundle of nerves, but I'm also ready to see whether we can pull this off.

My goal for today is to do $1,000 in sales. Our sign isn't up yet because there's been bad weather, so I imagine sales will be hurt by this. I'll be keeping a watchful eye on how many customers are in the restaurant. I'm also worried about our employees. Have we hired enough? Have we hired too many? Will they pull their weight or are they just looking for a quick paycheck?

Our bank account is almost empty. Everything seemed to cost more than we had planned, particularly pots and pans and other kitchen utensils. We spent about $7,000 on those things alone.

Unless I just crash tonight, I'll post an update on how we did on our first day. More to come.

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  1. Really hope your first day went at least as well as you wanted, if not much better!!