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Friday, January 21

Recap: Day 4 at the Restaurant

Wednesday (Day 3) was even slower than Tuesday, which is why I did not post. I was depressed. It's funny - we got a lot of compliments about the food Wednesday, but we weren't that busy. We've done a much better job keeping the food hot.

Yesterday (Day 4) was worse. Things just aren't looking good. My business partner told me around 9:30 AM that we were ahead of schedule and I took his word for it. At 11:00 we only had one of the three meats ready for the line. There also was no gravy for the mashed potatoes, no rolls and no peach cobbler. Eventually we recovered but it was too late. And again, the food (once it was ready!) was really good.

Yesterday our sales were dismal. We did $312 all day. Non-management payroll was almost 90% of our sales, and we had to throw out a bunch of food.

My salvation lies with today and Sunday. Usually Friday is a busy day for restaurants, and in the South everyone goes out to eat after church on Sunday. By Monday I will either feel like we have a fighting chance or like there's no hope. We can't stay in business with $312 in daily sales.

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