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Thursday, June 9 Sucks

I wanted to make sure everyone knew about Amazon's customer unfriendly practices. If you are frugal like me, you pay attention to prices. Well, I placed an order for a satellite radio with Amazon last week. A couple of days after placing my order, the price of the radio dropped by 10%. I contacted Amazon immediately and asked them to match the new price. Their response?

"We do not do that."

But what do they do? I can return the radio and re-order it at the lower price. And, Amazon will pay the return shipping.

That's absurd. Amazon still sells me the product at the lower price, but also has to shoulder the cost of return shipping. I have to wait for the new product to arrive.

How is this customer service?

1 comment:

  1. Amazon used to have a price guarantee program but they discontinued it a couple of years ago. That doesn't seem very smart when you can just return the item and reorder.