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Wednesday, June 1

Sell, Sell, Sell

Now that I've got a little free time I have been busy disposing of possessions in anticipation of the move to Florida.

I've sold several things on ebay. What I've found is that electronics and items that are still new in the box fetch solid prices. For example, I sold a Magic Bullet Blender that I received as a gift two years ago. It was still in the box, never used. Stores sell it for $49 and I sold mine for $34.

I'm also looking to sell an old netbook ( offered $68), some furniture (probably on Craigslist) and my Dad's old coin collection. I have mixed feelings about selling the coins since he left it in his will for me but it's not really doing me any good sitting in a box in a closet.

The biggest possession I might sell is my 2009 Pontiac G5. I'm still trying to decide.

It's amazing how much money I can raise this way. Money that goes toward paying off debt and moving. Even better, there's a liberating feeling in getting rid of things that are just sitting around my house gathering dust.

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