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Wednesday, June 22

Jury Duty Continues

I was selected to be on a jury which means I spent most of the day yesterday listening to testimony. This morning we are supposed to hear closing arguments and then the jury deliberates. I imagine I will be done by lunchtime.

Yesterday at lunch I went by the bank and deposited a check into the restaurant's bank account. It was a refund of a deposit we had for our natural gas. It was over $2,000 even after they took out the last month's bill. I would love to distribute that to the owner's (myself included!) but we may have to settle some of the other accounts we closed. AT&T, Charter Cable and ADT all want us to basically pay out the balance of our contract terms. In the case of AT&T, that's 30 months of service. I have a hard time justifying that since it's not like we are costing them anything and we didn't receive any special pricing or incentives when we signed up. Just seems greedy to me.

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