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Friday, June 3

So Many Things to Sell and I've Got the Bug

Until recently I thought I owned relatively few possessions. I know I have less than most of my friends and acquaintances, but now I'm beginning to realize that's still too much. I guess it takes a life changing event to put into perspective what material things actually matter to me. That life changing event - moving to a different state - is in full swing as my partner and I are leaving for Tampa after lunch today to begin looking at houses.

Yes, I've got the bug. The Selling Bug. I started in the spare bedroom where I have my file cabinet and storage. First I went through memorabilia - old letters, photos, trophies, etc. - and pared it down to the really important things. I've reduced this part of my life to the size of a shoebox. Then I turned to the closet in my office and my dad's coin collection. Ever since he passed I have had his coin collection sitting on a shelf, doing nothing for me but taking up space.

Like I said, it's taken a life altering event to put everything into perspective. My father's coins weren't adding value to my life. I realized that the important things I have from my father are letters and photos. So I took the collection to a coin store in town and walked out of there with $67.00. I can use this money to pay down my debt and hopefully those coins will find a better home.

I also got my first quote on selling the Cartier Love Bracelets. I'm not sure how I want to dispose of them. The quote I received was based on the value of the gold, but I wonder if I could receive more by selling the jewelry on ebay or some other way.

Meanwhile I've been selling everything that isn't bolted down via ebay and Craigslist. I also have an old netbook that I am going to sell on (they offered $68 for it).

Does anyone want a broken IKEA couch?

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