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Thursday, June 23

Taking Advantage of Cheap Travel

I'm still on jury duty. Yesterday before lunch we wrapped up the car accident trial, finding for the defendant, which means no money was awarded to the plaintiff. You always hear about lawsuit abuse and absurd jury awards to the injured so I am kind of happy we did not contribute to that. Today I will be headed to the criminal courthouse. This is the third courtroom I have seen this week but there's no guarantee I will be selected for the jury today.

I heard that Southwest Airlines is celebrating its 40th birthday this week by offering $40, $80 and $120 fares (varying by distance). That's a good deal, so I booked two flights to Las Vegas: one at the end of August and another in November. I had a free flight in my account so my partner will be able to travel for free in August. The November trip will coincide with the Investor Conference. I attended the last conference which was in Orlando two years ago and picked up a lot of good knowledge. I was fairly sure I would go this year and the fare sale at Southwest sealed the deal for me.

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