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Friday, June 24

Jury Duty Ends

After 5 full days of performing my civic duties I wrapped up jury duty late this afternoon. The second case I was on was a criminal one: a police officer was charged with domestic violence. We found him not guilty. I left the courthouse with a check for $61.50: $10 per day for "expenses" plus 5 cents per mile for travel. Someone needs to remind these folks about the cost of gas.

Obviously this hasn't been a productive week. I managed to read three books though. Tomorrow I am doing some mystery shopping and might see a dollar movie.

Happy weekend!


  1. Just remember the reimbursement you get is from our taxes - more reimbursement should mean higher taxes or cutting back on something we'd prefer our taxes go for. But I do agree with you - the 5 cents per mile reimbursement is outlandishly silly.

  2. I guess I wasn't really aware of how the reimbursement was funded. It said something on the check about it coming from the judicial fund, which I assumed meant it came from court fees that the parties paid.