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Wednesday, August 21


People often ask, "Can mystery shopping replace a full-time income?"  I am here to say that it can.  On Monday, I set a new one-day record:

In under 8 hours, I grossed $492.

True, I have some expenses; I didn't net $500.  But those expenses were minimal:  I used a cash + points redemption for a night at Hampton Inn ($39 with tax), I spent $10 for Mexican food for dinner, and I drove nearly 200 miles.

Any time I post figures like this, the naysayers email me or post comments telling me why they could never achieve this.  But you can.  It's called persistence.  I'm not working a $13,000 mystery shopping route because I got lucky.  I'm doing it because I worked hard to show I do good work, and built relationships with schedulers.  I also found a niche:  it's because of the specific car I drive that I qualify for these shops.  But I am only shopping 157 out of over 3,000 dealerships, and that is for just one manufacturer.  So many other vehicles also qualify for similar shops.

Really, the qualifications needed to make mystery shopping work are basically the same as with any career:

  • Hunger.  You've got to want to make money.
  • Passion.  You have to find a bigger purpose than just the money.  
  • Consistency.  You have to be reliable.  Give 100% every time.  Take no shortcuts (unless they are allowed).
  • Be Professional.  Trust me, there are days when I want to tell an editor what I really think.  They can get annoying.  But that is self-destructive.  I treat them with respect, and thank them for their feedback (no matter how mean they are!).

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