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Sunday, August 18

Mystery Shopping Road Trip: Week Two Recap

My first full week is complete.  I have now completed 34 of the 157 shops on this route.

Last week I started in the Memphis area, worked through Arkansas, Oklahoma, and finally east of Dallas.  The weather was amazing:  low humidity and most days were in the 70s or 80s.  Much of the drive took me through rural parts of the country I have never seen.

If I had stopped myself at Sam's Town, I would have done really well this week.  I almost stopped while I was about $500 ahead, but then I started drinking and got stupid.  Fortunately I was still ahead for the week. I only paid for 5 nights in hotels and my spending on food - for the entire week (!), was just $27.  I rarely ate restaurant meals, opting for food at supermarkets.  I authorized two small repairs on the truck that are not reimbursed by the mystery shopping company.

Week One Gross:  $2005
Week One Expenses:  $1232
Week One Net Income:  $773

I set a goal of having $879 in weekly net income.  I narrowed the what would have been an even larger gap by doing two more shops last week than planned and by keeping my other expenses down.

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