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Tuesday, August 6

Bon Voyage: My Mystery Shopping Adventure Starts Today

This afternoon I am leaving on the first leg of my mystery shopping trip.  I will complete 54 of my 157 service shops.  On Saturday, August 24th I will fly home from New Orleans, leaving the S-10 behind.  I have a timeshare resort shop in Florida on the 24th.  I return to New Orleans on September 1st to begin the next round of shops.

I should point out that I am doing more than 157 shops.  That is just the base for my route.  Along the way I am free to add to the route.  I have already signed up for several hotel shops for this first round to help reduce some of my travel costs.

I am spending the night in Tallahassee.  Tomorrow I have several gas station shops (see, these are in addition to the 157 shops!).  I will spend Wednesday night in Birmingham and visit my first dealership in the Nashville area on Thursday.

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