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Saturday, August 24


I woke up this morning in New Orleans.  After a lukewarm shower in a slow draining tub, I ate a waffle in observance of National Waffle Day.  I'm not sure why they consider that food.  The good news is that I fly home this afternoon!

I left Clearwater on August 6th.  Eighteen days later I will have completed 60 of the 157 dealership shops on my route.  That includes the two I complete this morning en route to the airport.  Tonight I drive to Pompano Beach to shop a timeshare resort.  It's a whirlwind!

Fortunately, on Tuesday I really do make it home for a few days of low key living.  I need to get my Florida license so that I can renew the tag on my car, which is expiring.  Besides that I don't have much planned.  I imagine I will find some local shops to pass the time.

It's been a great run.  It starts all over again next Sunday when I fly back to New Orleans.  The second leg of my trip takes me along the Gulf Coast, then to the Georgia Coast and north, before I cut across somewhere in North Carolina.  I break again when I get to Oklahoma City.

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