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Tuesday, August 13

Low Cost Diversions for the Traveling Shopper

Someone asked me what I do in my downtime.  Let me start by saying I have a good bit of experience traveling for work.  Before turning to mystery shopping full-time I was an Account Executive at a software company.  I traveled a fair amount in that position, and being mostly an introvert, I don't get lonely like many people.

So far my entertainment options have cost little.  Since I don't have cable at home, I watch a fair amount of television in the hotel.  I also go on walks.  One night last week I walked to Dollar General's corporate headquarters complex.  It was huge.  Since I am fascinated with corporate offices, it was an adventure for me.  I also gambled a little last weekend while I was in Tunica.  I love to gamble - mostly video poker and blackjack - and imagine that won't be my last visit to a casino during this trip.  Finally, I brought a book and some magazines and always pick up the paper at the front desk.  If the opportunity arises, I might go see a movie.  I'l like to see We're the Millers.

Many people spend more money when they are traveling.  I make a game out of seeing how frugal I can be.


  1. Dollar General... Who would have thought?

    1. I am a nerd like that. LOL. This weekend I went by Texas Instruments HQ. It was ridiculous.