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Monday, August 19

Mystery Shopping Road Trip: Week Three Kick Off

I'm leaving Dallas this morning.  My first stop is two hours away, but I chose to backtrack to Dallas for two hotel mystery shops.  Besides, I prefer having access to big city amenities when I am not working.

This week I am shopping east Texas and the Louisiana coast.  Saturday I am parking my vehicle at the New Orleans airport and flying home for a week.  I can't wait to go home for a few days.

I scored a free room for Wednesday at Delta Downs, a Boyd property.  All it took was a call to the property and a request to speak with a host.  I really am not a heavy gambler, I promise!  I am also doing some hotel mystery shops.  I should only be out of pocket for two hotel nights this week.  Sweet!

Overall my pace is working.  Most days I complete 4 service shops.  On Saturdays I try to do two (most shops close early on Saturdays if they are open at all).  There have been a couple of tight days.  Today is one of them.  I can't leave my hotel until after 7 AM (the mystery shop requires it) and I have a 2+ hour drive to my first shop.

I return to New Orleans on Sunday, September 1st.  The next leg of my trip is somewhat awkward.  I continue eastward, then north along the east coast to North Carolina.  Then I work my way west near Chattanooga, TN.  From there I drive past all the places I just shopped.  One reason I did this was to give myself a second chance to visit any shops I may have missed, but fortunately I didn't miss any.  I continue for a couple days in Oklahoma.  Then, on September 19th, I fly back home from Oklahoma City.  We are going on a cruise at the end of September and I have some other commitments the week before we leave.

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