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Wednesday, January 6

2009 Spending in Review, Part 1

I love to clarity that using personal finance software provides. I track and categorize every receipt using Quicken. Today I'll review categories that make the miser in me proud. I'll post the areas I need to work on tomorrow.
  • Gas: $2,043 - might be a lot for some people but I spent $3,318 in 2008. I managed to cut this thanks to all the mystery shopping I've done this year.
  • Personal Care: $195 - This line includes any personal hygeine products or services such as toothpaste, shaving cream, hair cuts, etc.
  • Electricity: $436
  • Natural Gas: $529 - hot water, fireplace
  • Water/Sewer: $533 - not a typo...I paid more for water/sewer than any other utility... thanks to ridiculous sewer rates.
  • Gambling: $5,688... in income - I don't gamble too often, but I had two extremely lucky gambling sessions this year.

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