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Tuesday, January 5

Conquering Clutter: Roundup 4 (17 items)

I've been holding back on reporting the end of year results. I rounded up 17 additional items the last week of December.

This last roundup was harder than I thought, and I sincerely believe I thoroughly went through my things.

<-- old Spanish dictionary, textbooks, various ethernet cords, collector's book from the BMW purchase.

I made a trip to the Salvation Army Thrift Store the afternoon of 12/31 to donate everything: three large garbage bags full of things!

So, for December, I only eliminated 41 items, so I fell short of my goal to eliminate 100 things in December.

<-- reciprocating saw, license plate holder

Since I didn't finish things up, I will continue the challenge until I do. I hope to have 100 items out of my life by the end of Q1 2009.

<-- canvas totes, mailbox contraption, phone books, DVD, audio book, koozies, cords, mini globe

<-- cleaned out the medicine cabinet

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