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Wednesday, January 13

My Frugal Miser - Spending on Clothing

I will spend less than $50 on clothing this year.

I work in an office environment and my position requires visiting clients, so my day-to-day outfits range from business casual to slightly dressy. My 2010 clothing budget is limited to plain white t-shirts and possibly some underwear.

How do I do it? Well, first of all, I do cheat just a little. I only use credit cards with loyalty points for purchases, and I put everything on a credit card. Then I redeem the points for gift cards, usually for restaurants, gas or clothing stores. So I may spend as much as $100 this year on clothing if I get a gift card.

Second, I buy quality. It doesn’t cost much more; you just have to know where to look. I stumbled upon Land’s End because I have short legs and they sell pants in my inseam size. They don’t charge for alterations, which I like! What I have found is their pants really hold up. I have some that I bought five years ago that I still wear every week. Sure, the colors have faded a little. But there are no holes or tears or bad seams.

Third, I take care of my clothes. I don’t overuse laundry detergent, which is a major cause of excessive wear and something most folks don’t realize (just use half the recommended amount and you’ll be fine). I used to take all my dress shirts to the cleaners, but now I iron them myself, and rarely use starch.

Finally, I keep my outfits simple. I buy classics that won’t go out of style. I buy versatile clothes so that I can mix and match outfits.


  1. Saving on clothes is something I´d really like to achieve. Spending under 50 is a great goal but with a young daughter growing and my recent weight loss (over 10 Kg) I won´t be able to join you on this challenge.
    If you´re trying to lose weight and you´re able to do it be prepared for the need to renovate your wardrobe.
    Regards, Mizé

  2. Hey, I just found you via my friend Marilyn at Marilyn's Money.
    Nice blog!
    I'd like to add here that something that also is bad for your clothing is fabric softeners and those dryer sheets. The 'softening' wears out the fibers of the fabric quicker. Plus that stuff is full of toxic chemicals....