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Monday, January 4

January Goals

During December I achieved two of my three goals, plus I checked off one of my 2010 goals early by selling the Bimmer. Because I had to pay over $6,000 in property taxes, plus fire dues and some other large expenses, my credit card debt jumped. Starting this month I expect a steady decline.

January Goals:
  • Last month I earned $595 in mystery shopping income. I will earn $600 in mystery shopping income.
  • Last month I spent $124 on food. I will spend less than $200 on food this month.
  • Last month I spent $259 on fuel. In January I will spend $175 on fuel. I have a daily commute of 90 miles, but I am also driving a more fuel-efficient car. I'll strive to cut this even further by mystery shopping as many gas stations as I can.
  • My #1 financial priority is paying down my credit cards. By the end of January I will reduce credit card debt to below $42,500.


  1. I, too, am working towards our family being debt-free. How do you even begin mystery shopping?

  2. Thanks for reading my blog. Getting started with mystery shopping is easy. One of the best websites around to discover what companies you'd like to work for is (click the "Get Paid" link). A few that I really like are Maritz, Marketforce and Corporate Research International.