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Tuesday, January 19

My Frugal Miser - Cut Your Cable but Still Watch Your Shows

Cutting out your cable or satellite bill is one of the easiest, most pain-free ways to reduce expenses. Remember, cutting out recurring expenses, like cable, is the most important step in gaining financial freedom.

Nearly everything you watch on cable is available elsewhere. Here's how I do it:
  • I use a regular HD antennae to watch broadcast TV (free).
  • I use to watch even more shows (free).
  • I subscribe to the lowest-priced Netflix plan that allows for unlimited streaming ($8.99/mo).
  • I purchased a Netflix-enabled ROKU to stream thousands of movies and TV shows to my TV.
  • I rent DVDs through Netflix to catch the latest movies and shows that aren't available for streaming.
  • When I get the itch for something else, I either 1) go to the dollar theatre; 2) rent from the Redbox; or 3) rent from the local library.
Find out where your favorite show can be watched:

Most months my only entertainment expense is the $9 I pay to Netflix. Also, when I cut the cable in 2003 I realized that there is so much more I can do than watch TV. Nowadays, I spend a few hours a week (seriously- maybe 10 hours total) watching TV, and usually am doing something else like checking email or working online at the same time.

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