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Monday, January 18

Debt Update

Good news! Last week I paid off my Discover Card. The $3,941.40 payment came from a few sources:
  • I sold all my airline vouchers and credits over the last 30 days. This yielded about $1,700 cash.
  • As part of my December Clutter Roundup, I sold four items on, which added $31.
  • The balance came from regular income sources (mystery shopping, my job, rent checks).
My next focus on debt reduction is my loan and the American Express. All three of these debts (Discover, Prosper and AMEX) were taken on to purchase Rental Property #7 after the original financing fell through due to my job loss. I have one other credit card I used to buy the house but it is at a 0% rate until June, so that will be the last debt I tackle.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats! These are good news for you, indeed. I would take so much longer to amass that value :)
    This month I also paid off my only credit card but it was a very very tiny debt compared to yours.
    Good weekend.